Locations to Surf in Mississippi


Unlike the other Gulf Coast States like Louisiana and Florida, Mississippi has a slight stretch of coastline. This small stretch of land is still enough to give the magnolia state some of the best beaches you have ever seen.

With warmer air and rays of sunshine, here are a few beaches you would like to go surfing.


Ship Island

Originally, Ship Island refers to two separate islands. The islands are known individually as east island and west ship island. You will find a lot of exciting activities on Ship Island. Ship Island is only accessible by boat, but it is worth the trip. You will also find guided tours on the beach waiting to take you around.

East Beach

One good thing about this beach is that many tourists do not frequent it. Most likely, if you visit during the week, you can get some form of privacy. It is located in ocean springs. The beach runs for a long distance, and you can get fishing piers and several amenities along the sea line. East Beach also has some beautiful guest houses and cafes. If you want to go surfing or relax, the east beach is the go-to.


Biloxi Beach

Biloxi is the most popular beach in the whole of Mississippi. Biloxi beach is not just a beach, it is an entertainment spot, and it is not difficult. To find fun activities to engage in. if you want to go surfing or just a fun day at the beach, Biloxi has the softest sand and the warmest water. After surfing, be sure to check out the casinos, Jet Ski and kayaking that Biloxi beach offers.

Bay St Louis

Bay St Louis is not so far from Mississippi. It is the perfect substitute if you want all that Biloxi beach offers without the noise of the crowd. It also has a pretty old store lined along the coastline to visit after surfing.

Bay St Louis is perfect for relaxing, fishing, and watching the sunset. If you are looking for an ideal surfing spot, try out Bay St Louis.

Horn Island

Horn Island is not easily accessible. You can hire a private charter or a tour boat to get to your destination. But Horn Island makes up for its inaccessibility with beautiful white sand that you have ever seen. Horn Island is the perfect spot for couples considering a romantic getaway. It is also ideal for families or a group of friends.


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